Spring 2019

Dear Friend of our Foundation:

We just had one of the best weekends since our little foundation was formed in 2014. We got dirty and helped about 400 beautiful people plant over 12,000 trees at the Flight 93 Memorial near Shanksville PA. It was a wonderful day on so many fronts. We wish you all could have joined us. It was that good.

One of the most moving parts of the day was listening to the family of Louis (Joey) Nacke, one of the brave souls that perished on that flight. His brother was truly overwhelmed by the love that continues to flow to the site and while our hearts ache for each family impacted - we feel that the love we helped give back matters. Both to the families and our dear Mother Earth.

We are all connected. After we posted pictures of this past weekend, our dear friend Pete shared the breadth of our circle. Emma went on a mission trip nearly 10 years ago with members of the Los Gatos United Methodist Church (LGUMC), building 2 houses in Colonet Mexico for families in need. LGUMC is such a great faith filled community and a true inspiration to those that watch their efforts. The LGUMC family suffered a loss on Flight 93, Mark Bingham was also on the fated flight - his Mom Alice is a long-time member of their community. We planted trees this weekend for Emma, Louis (Joey) Mark, Alice and everyone that has encouraged our foundation to do more in Emma's spirit.

This coming weekend, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) will be hosting a Tree Planting event in the Moshannon State Forest (located about 120 miles north east of Pittsburgh), Denise and I are planning to help plant more trees. We learned that our harsh winters shorten the planting season in our region - by law May 20th is the last day that PA government programs can plant trees. Planting trees doesn't make sense unless the young seedlings are given a good chance to survive.

If you are able to join us - we're going to caravan on Saturday and we promise you a great day with Mother Earth - regardless of the weather. Planting a tree is our way of saying Thank You for all the natural wonders around us. If you're interested, you can check out the details HERE and if you're able we'd love you to join us.

As we work to Love Our Mother this year, we are so excited about our #EMFBeachCleanup program - we need your help to take a little time out of your summer vacation to the beach to help keep trash from entering the water. It's a serious problem but one that we can fix with just a little effort. We'll be back to you with our plan in the next few weeks.

So for now, have a look at some of the pics from this weekend and we hope you'll join us to help give love to our Mother - she deserves it!

And remember, you ARE our foundation.

Much Love to you all!
Denise & Michael Munson
'We will create a sustainable future for the ocean by actively cleaning our oceans and coastlines...'
- 4Ocean.org
Once again we'll be sharing the love you have given to our foundation by wrapping it up in our Beach Cleanup project. The details are simple: When you are at the seaside, take a break and walk the beach with a bag and collect what others have left behind.

We'll be sending more details on how you can help!

Click below to stay informed.

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'One touch of nature makes the whole world kin'
- William Shakespeare
We were so honored to bring 20 friends of our foundation to the Flight 93 Memorial on Saturday April 27th to participate in the 8th annual Plant-A-Tree event. The day was a wonderful way for us to get close to nature and help rejuvenate the forest around the site that holds a special place in history. The program was incredibly well run and a true inspiration to those that were in attendance.

We learned so much about the benefits of the forest and how easy it is to help counter the impact that man has on the environment. The seedlings that went into the ground will need little care to grow, part of the beauty of the natural cycle of nature. We put them in the ground, Mother Earth takes care of the rest.

Over the past 3 years we've worked to thank donors to our foundation by having a tree planted in their honor - using planting partners and some of our efforts. This year we've shifted the balance where we now plant the trees as our very visible way of saying Thank You to those that provide financial support to our foundation. On Saturday we planted 683 trees, each one with a little love to help rebuild a forest where there once was one.

Now that this event has closed, we're excited about next year - both to take an even bigger crew to the site, but also to walk the site where our trees were placed. It will be an emotional walk to see them nearly double in size in the year to come.

CHECKOUT: Plant-A-Tree
'The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit'
- Nelson Henderson
Pennsylvania tree planting season is roughly when the frost stops up to mid-May, with a mandated end date of May 20th. There's not a fall seedling planting season within the state due to the severe winters that we have, the seedlings need a chance to grow (the summer) before they can be ready for the winter weather. That makes the roughly 30 days in April/May the key season for planting. We're glad to know this to allow us to turn up our efforts next year.

But it's not too late to get involved. If you've always wanted to be part of a tree planting program - there's an event planned at the Moshannon State Forest which is located near DuBois PA - about 120 miles north and east of Pittsburgh where Route 80 cuts through DuBois.

Click the button below for more details and send us a note if you're able to join us.

Registration will stay open until Wednesday.

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'It couldn't be easier to give a hug to Mother Earth'
- Earning Programs
Our Tree Planting program is partially funded by the Amazon Smile program, an easy way for you to tie your online shopping with our efforts. When you shop at Amazon and identify our foundation as one that you follow, a percent of your purchase is sent to us and helps fund our program.

The donation doesn't impact your costs at all, it's Amazon's way of helping charitable foundations, we've been part of the program for the past few years.
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