posted on Oct-31-2022

6th Annual Halloween Program

Spreading smiles across Pittsburgh - our Halloween program grew a little this year - more costumes, more sites and more smiles!

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posted on Dec-30-2019

Rising against Hunger

The perfect way to end the year! As usual, Emma’s beautiful spirit was felt among us, we were literally packing in the building at the rainbow’s end. This marked our 6th annual packaging event - 60,000 meals so far!

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posted on Oct-01-2019

Halloween Costume Giveaway

Once again we collected and distributed halloween costumes across Pittsburgh to help make great childhood memories (and things a little easier for families) - growing each year we're loving this way to share love.

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posted on Jun-12-2019

The Great NC Beach Sweep

To help kickoff the summer, we took "Big Blue" up the coast of North Carolina - visiting 45+ beaches in 12 days to raise awareness and help keep litter from entering the ocean - with a big finish on the Summer Solstice!

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posted on Jun-01-2019

EMF Beach Cleanup

It started on Father's Day 2017 with a simple action - while visiting the seaside walk along the beach and pick up left behind litter. Our #EMFBeachCleanup program is your way to show you #LoveYourMother each summer.

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posted on May-15-2019

Tree Planting 2019

As we spent 2019 Loving Our Mother (Earth) our foundation planted 1,147 trees - that's a tree for each one of our Facebook followers (and a few more for good measure). We plan for 2020 to be even busier.

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posted on May-01-2019

EMF Scholarship Season

To help recognize great young people, we once again awarded three scholarships for Individuality, Inclusion and Artistic Excellence. Three pretty important qualities to embrace in the next generation.

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posted on Apr-27-2019

Plant-A-Tree at Flight 93

We were honored to take a team of 20 on a tree planting mission at the historic Flight 93 crash site as part of the National Park Service's Plant-A-Tree at Flight 93 program - 683 trees later and we're ready to return!

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